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Meetings are mutexes


A meeting is a big honkin’ mutex. Treat it like one.

  • explain why it’s needed
  • minimize the resources it locks
  • hold it for as short a time as possible

And then go about your work.

Printing notes on OS X Mountain Lion #UX #fail

Hey @apple where can I print my notes on #osx #MountainLion? Ok, I know ⌘+P but my mom might not. #ux #uxfail

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mirQue :: pigment - the magic font
Aggressive Maneuvers for Autonomous Quadrotor Flight - YouTube
TOABerlin presents Tech Open Air Berlin Festival | KissKissBankBank


Tech. Music. Art.

One magical location. Open Air. Hundreds of like-minded people who share a passion for technology, creativity & collaboration. Interactive talks, workshops, music performances, satellite events and parties. Let’s inspire and learn from each other, Berlin style!

When? 23-24 August, 2012.

It can only happen with your support! So check out the rewards on the right side and make TOA Berlin a reality!

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@harthvader @janl works for me and my pic of Lilly, when she was a kitten
I just realized, I never posted my paper on TDD
I just realized, I never uploaded my paper on Effects of Test Driven Development (TDD) to my blog. So here it is.
I’m sorry, it’s in German. If you need to know something, just let me know in the comments and I’ll try to translate it for you.

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Tech. We took the pic with a mirror so the iPhone we used is actually in the pic


I habe gerade eine Logo-Website gelaunched:


Über die letzten Jahre und in meiner Zeit als Freelance-Designer habe ich eine menge Logo-Jobs gemacht. Eine Menge! Nicht alle von ihnen wurden benutzt, aber da es so viele sind, würde ich sie gerne…

These are some of the books I want to build my master thesis upon.
Sand Flea Jumping Robot /via @codepo8
I love @useClear for iPhone #UX

I just played with the Clear todo app and I love the gestures. The only thing I missed was UNDO by shaking the device.

Get the app on the app store:

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This is where George Orwell lived
Polish activists demonstrate against ACTA at -15°C